Productsort ascendingBloomberg TickerReuters TickerMgmt or fixed feeBase / Trading currencyNAV or CVDaily change in NAV or CVAUM or TAO (MM)
    Bloomberg Commodity ETFCMOD LNCMOD.L0.19%USD / USD$16.97-0.64%$1,185.78
    CSOP FTSE China A50 ETFCHNA LNCHNA.L0.99%CNY / USDCN¥115.40+0.55%CN¥119.51
    EURO STOXX 50 Distributing ETFSDJE5D GRSDJE5D.DE0.05%EUR / EUR€34.47+0.01%€216.73
    EURO STOXX 50 ETFSDJE50 GRSDJE50.DE0.05%EUR / EUR€68.84+0.01%€216.73
    EURO STOXX Optimised Banks ETFS7XE GRS7XE.DE0.30%EUR / EUR€68.93+1.06%€438.10
    European Autos Sector ETFXAPS GRXAPS.DE0.30%EUR / EUR€385.60+0.2%€27.70
    European Banks Sector ETFX7PS GRX7PS.DE0.30%EUR / EUR€71.58+0.61%€71.48
    European Basic Resources Sector ETFXPPS GRXPPS.DE0.30%EUR / EUR€285.77-0.27%€52.13
    European Chemicals Sector ETFX4PS GRX4PS.DE0.30%EUR / EUR€399.37-0.16%€11.23
    European Construction Sector ETFXOPS GRXOPS.DE0.30%EUR / EUR€330.96-0.2%€1.50
    European Financials Sector ETFXFPS GRXFPS.DE0.30%EUR / EUR€205.98+0.35%€3.89
    European Food & Bev Sector ETFX3PS GRX3PS.DE0.30%EUR / EUR€359.64-0.01%€6.93
    European Health Care Sector ETFXDPS GRXDPS.DE0.30%EUR / EUR€233.97-0.09%€114.63
    European Household Sector ETFXQPS GRXQPS.DE0.30%EUR / EUR€496.59-0.19%€9.77
    European Industrials Sector ETFXNPS GRXNPS.DE0.30%EUR / EUR€212.28+0.17%€71.28
    European Insurance Sector ETFXIPS GRXIPS.DE0.30%EUR / EUR€93.06+0.52%€20.41
    European Media Sector ETFXMPS GRXMPS.DE0.30%EUR / EUR€104.79-0.19%€3.54
    European Oil & Gas Sector ETFXEPS GRXEPS.DE0.30%EUR / EUR€167.34-0.89%€24.80
    European Retail Sector ETFXRPS GRXRPS.DE0.30%EUR / EUR€156.49-0.19%€8.65
    European Technology Sector ETFX8PS GRX8PS.DE0.30%EUR / EUR€67.96-0.31%€18.36
    European Telecoms Sector ETFXKPS GRXKPS.DE0.30%EUR / EUR€104.00-0.21%€60.91
    European Travel Sector ETFXTPS GRXTPS.DE0.30%EUR / EUR€202.42+0.32%€7.21
    European Utilities Sector ETFX6PS GRX6PS.DE0.30%EUR / EUR€161.61+0.28%€11.15
    FTSE 100 ETFS100 LNS100.L0.20%GBP / GBP£56.89-0.06%£18.97
    FTSE 250 ETFS250 LNS250.L0.25%GBP / GBP£134.94-0.11%£8.41
    FTSE RAFI Europe Equity Income Physical ETFDVEU GRDVEU.DE0.35%EUR / EUR€9.60+0.05%€7.20
    FTSE RAFI UK Equity Income Physical ETFDVUK LNDVUK.L0.35%GBP / GBP£10.14+0.05%£7.30
    FTSE RAFI US Equity Income Physical ETFDVUS LNDVUS.L0.35%USD / USD$11.13-0.21%$7.35
    Gold P-ETCSGLD LNSGLD.L0.29%USD / USD$124.08-0.97%$4,186.15
    Goldman Sachs Equity Factor Index Europe ETFSMLU GRSMLU.DE0.55%EUR / EUR€128.24+0.01%€399.45
    Goldman Sachs Equity Factor Index World ETFEFIW LNEFIW.L0.65%USD / USD$125.35-0.16%$543.00
    GPR Real Estate Europe ETFREES GRREES.DE0.40%EUR / EUR€18.69-0.57%€10.35
    JPX-Nikkei 400 ETFN400 LNN400.L0.20%JPY / USD¥14,197+1.07%¥25,275
    JPX-Nikkei 400 EUR Hedged ETFNS4E GRNS4E.DE0.20%EUR / EUR€13.73+1.06%€216.78
    JPX-Nikkei 400 USD Hedged ETFN4US LNN4US.L0.20%USD / USD$14.01+1.09%$231.69
    KBW NASDAQ Fintech FTEK LNSOFTEK.L0.49%USD / USD$20.49-0.42%$15.43
    LGIM Commodity Composite ETFLGCU LNLGCU.L0.40%USD / USD$60.99-0.62%$354.58
    Morningstar US Energy Infrastructure MLP ETF AccumulatingMLPS LNMLPS.L0.50%USD / USD$88.17-0.27%$664.61
    Morningstar US Energy Infrastructure MLP ETF Distributing MLPD LNMLPD.L0.50%USD / USD$67.41-0.27%$664.61
    MSCI Emerging Markets ETFMXFS LNMXFS.L0.29%USD / USD$39.67+0.35%$183.02
    MSCI Europe ETFSMSEUR GRSMSEUR.DE0.20%EUR / EUR€204.19+0.03%€727.66
    MSCI Europe Value ETFEMSV GREMSV.DE0.35%EUR / EUR€210.65+0.06%€226.35
    MSCI Japan ETFSMSJPN GRSMSJPN.DE0.40%USD / EUR$53.03+1.12%$24.62
    MSCI USA ETFSMSUSA GRSMSUSA.DE0.30%USD / EUR$60.29-0.3%$91.16
    MSCI World ETFSMSWLD GRSMSWLD.DE0.19%USD / EUR$49.99-0.24%$841.55
    NASDAQ Biotech ETFSBIO LNSBIO.L0.40%USD / USD$30.54-0.95%$507.97
    Palladium P-ETCSPAL LNSPAL.L0.39%USD / USD$77.65-1%$7.15
    PIMCO Covered Bond ETFCOVR GYCOVR.DE 0.43%EUR / EUR€109.06+0.04%€206.19
    PIMCO EM Advantage Local Bond Index ETFEMLB LNEMLB.L0.60%USD / USD$97.51+0.01%$179.01
    PIMCO EM Advantage Local Bond Index ETF (dist.)EMLI LNEMLI.L0.60%USD / USD$82.24+0.00%$179.01
    PIMCO Euro Short Maturity ETFPJS1 GYPJS1.DE0.35%EUR / EUR€101.70+0.00%€2,431.48
    PIMCO Euro Short Maturity ETF (Acc)PJSR GYPJSR.DE0.35%EUR / EUR€99.88+0.01%€2,431.48
    PIMCO Low Duration Euro Corporate Bond Source UCITS ETFLDCE GYLDCE.DE0.39%EUR / EUR€103.57+0.01%€309.17
    PIMCO Low Duration US Corporate Bond Source UCITS ETFLDCU LNLDCU.L0.39%USD / USD$102.46+0.06%$202.90
    PIMCO Low Duration US Corporate Bond Source UCITS ETF (CHF hdg)LDCC SWLDCC.S0.44%CHF / CHFCHF102.53+0.06%CHF202.64
    PIMCO Short-Term High Yield Corp Bond Index ETFSTHY LNSTHY.L0.55%USD / USD$102.51+0.08%$1,117.53
    PIMCO Short-Term High Yield Corp Bond Index ETF (Acc)STYC LNSTYC.L0.55%USD / USD$110.18+0.08%$1,117.53
    PIMCO Short-Term High Yield Corp Bond Index ETF (CHF hdg)STHC SWSTHC.S0.60%CHF / CHFCHF105.92+0.08%CHF1,116.13
    PIMCO Short-Term High Yield Corp Bond Index ETF (EUR hdg)STHE LNSTHE.L0.60%EUR / EUR€94.82+0.08%€1,045.59
    PIMCO Short-Term High Yield Corp Bond Index ETF (GBP hdg)STHS LNSTHS.L0.60%GBP / GBP£10.56+0.09%£874.64
    PIMCO Sterling Short Maturity ETFQUID LNQUID.L0.35%GBP / GBP£101.78+0.08%£139.80
    PIMCO US Dollar Short Maturity ETFMINT LNMINT.L0.35%USD / USD$101.53+0.02%$2,099.82
    Platinum P-ETCSPPT LNSPPT.L0.39%USD / USD$93.28-2.45%$79.04
    RBIS Equal Risk Equity Europe ETFREQR GRSOREQR.DE0.48%EUR / EUR€12.37-0.11%€73.55
    RBIS Equal Risk Equity US ETFRUQR LNRUQR.L0.48%USD / USD$11.63-0.05%$27.94
    RDX ETFRDXS LNRDXS.L0.65%USD / USD$112.62+0.9%$20.64
    Russell 2000 ETFSR2000 GRSR2000.DE0.45%USD / EUR$64.78-0.31%$450.61
    S&P 500 ETFSPXS LNSPXS.L0.05%USD / USD$408.68-0.3%$2,813.93
    S&P 500 ETF Distributing D500 GRD500.DE0.05%USD / EUR$21.92-0.3%$2,813.93
    S&P 500 EUR Hedged ETFE500 GRE500.DE0.05%EUR / EUR€19.39-0.31%€2,632.80
    Silver P-ETCSSLV LNSSLV.L0.39%USD / USD$17.40-0.95%$75.00
    STOXX Europe 600 ETFSDJ600 GRSDJ600.DE0.19%EUR / EUR€75.24+0.03%€306.25
    STOXX Europe Mid 200 ETFSDJMID GRSDJMID.DE0.35%EUR / EUR€81.68-0.09%€104.54
    STOXX Europe Small 200 ETFSDJSML GRSDJSML.DE0.35%EUR / EUR€50.62-0.05%€3.49
    STOXX Eurozone Exporters ETFEZEX GREZEX.DE0.35%EUR / EUR€14.44-0.08%€20.63
    STOXX Eurozone Exporters ETF USD HedgedEZXU LNEZXU.L0.35%USD / USD$15.45-0.06%$22.04
    STOXX Japan Exporters ETFJPEX LNJPEX.L0.35%USD / USD$12.23+1.42%$10.73
    STOXX Japan Exporters ETF EUR HedgedJEXE GRJEXE.DE0.35%EUR / EUR€9.31+1.32%€10.04
    US Consumer Discretionary Sector ETFXLYS LNXLYS.L0.30%USD / USD$281.57-0.2%$162.31
    US Consumer Staples Sector ETFXLPS LNXLPS.L0.30%USD / USD$374.11-0.24%$38.15
    US Energy Sector ETFXLES LNXLES.L0.30%USD / USD$341.62-0.43%$166.89
    US Financials Sector ETFXLFS LNXLFS.L0.30%USD / USD$158.80-0.91%$638.36
    US Health Care Sector ETFXLVS LNXLVS.L0.30%USD / USD$321.56-0.5%$251.21
    US Industrials Sector ETFXLIS LNXLIS.L0.30%USD / USD$326.50+0.06%$200.70
    US Materials Sector ETFXLBS LNXLBS.L0.30%USD / USD$271.78-0.04%$8.75
    US Real Estate Sector ETFXRES LNXRES.L0.30%USD / USD$15.19-0.48%$20.48
    US Technology Sector ETFXLKS LNXLKS.L0.30%USD / USD$126.78-0.16%$625.07
    US Utilities Sector ETFXLUS LNXLUS.L0.30%USD / USD$296.83+0.54%$11.54

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