PIMCO Low Duration US Corporate Bond Source UCITS ETF CHF Hedged Accumulation

Product description

The PIMCO Low Duration US Corporate Bond Source UCITS ETF CHF Hedged accumulation (the “Fund”) seeks to maximise total return, consistent with prudent investment management. The Fund is actively managed by PIMCO and invests primarily in a diversified portfolio of US Dollar denominated investment grade corporate Fixed Income instruments. Portfolio duration may vary between 0-4 years. The Fund may tactically invest up to 10% of assets in below-investment grade issues and non-US Dollar denominated currency exposure. It may invest up to 20% of assets in emerging market fixed income instruments. The portfolio manager is Mark Kiesel.

To minimise exposure to fluctuations in the exchange rate between USD and CHF, the CHF Hedged share class enters into foreign exchange transactions (typically one month currency forwards, rolled monthly).

Trading information

SIX Swiss Exchange
Trading currency CHF
Settlement period T+2
Exchange ticker LDCC
Bloomberg ticker LDCC SW
Bloomberg iNAV INLDCC
Reuters ticker LDCC.S
Reuters iNAV INLDCCiv.OQ
Valor 27526383
Today (24 Apr 2017)
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Portfolio information (21 Apr 2017)
Effective maturity 3.26
Effective duration 2.61
Average quality A-
Yield information (21 Apr 2017)
Estimated YTM 2.62%
Distribution yield 0.00%
Current yield 3.90%
Sector Exposure (21 Apr 2017)
Mortgage spread duration 0.04
Corporate spread duration 2.51
EM spread duration 0.18

Key information

Bloomberg ticker LDCC SW
Benchmark BBG ticker CVA0
Management fee 0.44%
NAV (21 Apr 2017) CHF102.53
AUM CHF202,642,264

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