Welcome to Source

Source is uniquely positioned to deliver highly liquid products that respond to the challenges and opportunities of the market

We partner with some of the world’s largest investment houses and asset managers to create products that either offer exposure to new opportunities in the market or deliver existing strategies more effectively.  We work together to ensure all of our products are efficient and transparent.

On top of this, we work closely with some of the most well respected trading houses in Europe to ensure that our products are also priced as fairly as possible and are tradable throughout the day. 

Source is a global investment firm and one of the fastest growing European providers of exchange traded products (ETPs)

By focusing on the ever-evolving needs of investors, we have grown assets under management to more than $19 billion (as at 30 July 2014) since our launch in April 2009, and during this time investors have traded more than $575 billion of Source’s products.

We offer investors an efficient and transparent way to invest in equities, fixed income and commodities, as well as some alternative asset classes.  Our ETPs are open-ended and domiciled in Dublin. 

Source aims to manage risk

We appreciate the balance between an investment’s potential returns and the risks involved with achieving them.  We make our products transparent and seek to ensure our processes are robust and that risks are managed where possible.For the majority of our products, we aim to deliver performance that is as close as possible to the index that the product follows, net of all costs.

One way in which we do this is by investing in a diversified portfolio of equities, which is not necessarily the same as that of the benchmark index, and entering into derivative contracts called ‘swaps’. Under the terms of these contracts, the ETF exchanges the return on its portfolio of equities for the performance of the benchmark index, less a ‘swap fee’ where applicable.

The swap agreements are made with large financial institutions, known as ‘counterparties’.  Where possible, we aim to diversify the risk to the ETF by using multiple counterparties, so that if any one institution is unable to honour their end of the agreement, the anticipated impact to the fund and its investors would be reduced.  We also monitor exposure to swap counterparties on an ongoing basis and ensure they are kept within strict limits.